Gold nano dispersion

The aqueous solution of gold nanoparticles presents orange red, red, purple red and other colors with different particle sizes. It can be widely used in biological immunoassay, protein labeling, dark field optical imaging, fluorescence enhancement, surface enhanced Raman substrate, etc., to meet the different experimental needs of researchers.

Gold nano dispersion
Particle size (0.05mg/mL) Maximum absorption wavelength
5nm 520nm +/-2
30nm 522nm +/-2
40nm 525nm +/-2
60nm 535nm +/-5
80nm 550nm +/-5
100nm 560nm +/-5
140nm 615nm +/-8
160nm 690nm +/-10
200nm 795nm +/-10

silver nano dispersion

As one of the important precious metal nanomaterials, silver nanoparticles have been widely studied and applied in many fields, such as catalysis, biological and chemical sensing, nonlinear optics, surface enhanced Raman scattering, cytotoxicity, antibacterial test, dark field imaging, electronics and so on, because of their excellent SPR characteristics in visible light region. In the field of biology, silver nanoparticles have become potential antibacterial materials because of their excellent antibacterial properties.

silver nano dispersion
Particle size (0.1mg/mL) Maximum absorption wavelength
5nm 390nm +/-2
15nm 392nm +/-2
20nm 395nm +/-2
40nm 415nm +/-5
50nm 430nm +/-5
80nm 475nm +/-10

Amino magnetic beads dispersion

particle size: 1 μm
consistence: 10mg/ml
agnetic content: 35-45%
surface potential: 30mv
Features: amino magnetic beads, composed of polystyrene and nano iron oxide, have high hydrophilic surface and good biocompatibility. Amino magnetic beads have superparamagnetism, fast magnetic response, good monodispersity, and can ensure the reaction uniformity and test consistency. The unique surface roughness and polymer modification make the amino magnetic beads have high amino density. They can covalently couple with polypeptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, drug molecules, glycoproteins and other biological ligands under the action of special chemical agents (such as glutaraldehyde). They can be used as good basic materials for coating. They are important carrier tools in medical and biological molecular research.

Prussian blue nano dispersion

particle size < 100nm
consistence: 1mg/ml
Features: the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of tumor has always been a difficult problem and research hotspot in the medical field. The design and preparation of nano diagnostic and therapeutic agents with good biological safety are the material basis for the accurate treatment of tumor. Prussian blue, as an ancient dye, has stable chemical structure and excellent physical, optical and magnetic properties. It is an antidote for thallium poisoning. At the same time, the material has the advantages of low toxicity, safety, environmental protection, no pollution, good dispersion and stability. It can be used in anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, tumor photothermotherapy and MRI.

polystyrene microsphere dispersion

particle size: 0.05-22μm ; consistence: 100mg/ml, can be customized
Features: polystyrene microsphere products are ideal microsphere morphology, there is no other heterophase, small batch difference, good repeatability. In addition, the product is rich in negative charge, easy to carry out surface modification, strong adsorption, easy to centrifugal separation and other characteristics. Through further surface modification, PS microspheres can be coupled with fluorescence molecules, streptavidin, protein, nucleic acid probe molecules, etc., which can be used in latex enhanced immunoturbidimetry, liquid-phase chip, cell labeling, protein separation, drug carrier, separation column packing, cell separation, cell culture, etc. In addition, PS microspheres can also be used as templates, measurement standards, additives, etc.

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