Infrared laser material

Infrared thermal imaging technology has gradually developed from the initial military "night vision" application to various fields such as medical treatment, industry, homeland security, public security, fire protection, electric power, automobile application, etc. With the maturity of infrared thermal imaging technology and the reduction of manufacturing cost, the application field of infrared thermal imager in the civil market is constantly expanding, and it is expected that the growth space of civil infrared thermal imager will be huge in the future.

Infrared thermal imaging technology uses infrared detector and optical imaging objective to receive the infrared radiation energy distribution of the target to be measured, and reflect it to the photosensitive element of the infrared detector.

With the maturity of infrared thermal imaging technology and the reduction of manufacturing cost, infrared thermal imager is expanding in the civil market, and the development potential of civil infrared thermal imaging is huge in the future.

Major item we supply:
germanium, Zinc selenide
silicon, Gallium arsenide
Germanium, Zinc selenide
Zinc sulfide
Chalcogenide glasses


Distribution of Crystal is very wide, the vast majority of natural solid matter is crystal. Gases, liquids and amorphous materials can also be transformed into crystals under certain suitable conditions. Products are widely used in laser medical beauty, laser industrial processing, LED, RFIC, wearable device, smartphone.

1. Long range order: the regular arrangement of atoms in the crystal within the range of at least micrometers.
2. Uniformity: the macroscopic properties of each part in the crystal are the same.
3. Anisotropy: the crystal has different physical properties in different directions.
4. Symmetry: the ideal shape and internal structure of the crystal have specific symmetry.
5. Self limitation: the crystal has the property of spontaneously forming a closed geometric polyhedron.
6. Cleavage: the crystal has the property of cleavage along certain orientation.
7. Minimum internal energy: the minimum internal energy of molding crystal.
8. Conservation of crystal face angle: the angle between two corresponding crystal faces belonging to the same crystal is constant.

Major item we supply:
Nonlinear KTP crystal, Potassium Niobate Crystal, Electro Optical RTP Crystals
Cesium Lithium Borate Crystal (CLBO ), NaI(Tl) Crystal, Calcium Fluoride Crystal
Magnesium Fluoride Crystal, KTA crystal, LBO crystal, BBO crystal
DKDP / KDP crystal, Nd:YAG crystal, Bonds and crystals


Used in the production of various film materials

Major item we supply:
Strontium titanate (SrTiO3)
Barium titanate (BaTiO3)
Lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO3)
Aluminic acid lithium/ gallium acid lithium (LiGaO2/ LiAlO2)
Gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG)
Lanthanum aluminate .Strontium aluminium tantalate (LSAT)
Magnesium oxide (MaO)
Zirconia (ZrO2)
Sapphire (AlO3)
Ceramic (alumina, aluminum nItride, zirconia, Silicon nitride)
Magnetic and ferroelectricity
High temperature superconducting

Sputtering Target

The target material of coating is the sputtering source which forms various functional films on the substrate by magnetron sputtering, multi arc ion plating or other types of coating system under appropriate technological conditions. In short, the target material is the target material bombarded by high-speed charged particles. When used in high-energy laser weapons, different power density, different output waveforms, different wavelengths of laser interact with different target materials, it will produce different damage effects. For example: evaporation magnetron sputtering coating is heating evaporation coating, aluminum film, etc. By replacing different target materials (such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, nickel targets, etc.), different film systems such as super hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant alloy films can be obtained.

Major item we supply:
Monocrystalline target
Metal target
Alloy target
Ceramic target

Mo source

It is an important semiconductor material. The growth of semiconductor microstructure by MOCVD technology. Mo source has been widely used in LED lighting, indicator lights, car lights, back lights, toys, solar energy and other electronic equipment.

Major item we supply
Three ethyl gallium

Special Glass

Major item we supply:
ITO, AZO, FTO . One way perspective glass
high pressure resistant glass, high temperature resistant glass
high temperature resistant glass, fireplace glass
wave soldering glass, oven glass, high temperature and high pressure resistant glass UV transparent glass
optical glass, blue cobalt glass, laser protective glass
welding protective glass, glass tube, high aluminum glass
aluminum silicate glass, ceramic glass

Detection material

Detection materials are matters that transform high-energy particles or rays into materials that can be detected and imaged by detectors, mainly including semiconductor detectors and scintillation crystals. The former is represented by ultra-high purity (13N) germanium, zinc cadmium telluride, etc., and the latter by bismuth germanate, yttrium lutetium silicate, etc. Exploration materials have important applications in high energy physics, life science, space exploration, security, mineral exploration and other fields. All detector crystals are grown under the most stringent process control conditions to ensure that the quality, purity and orientation of the products are up to the highest specification.

Major item we supply:
Cerium doped yttrium lutetium silicate crystal
Bismuth germanate

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