The arrangement of atoms in nanosolids is not only different from the long-range ordered crystal, but also different from the long-range disordered and short-range ordered "gas" solid structure. It is a metastable intermediate state material between the solid and the molecule. Therefore, some researchers call nanomaterials as "third state crystal materials" besides crystalline and amorphous. Because of the special structure of nanomaterials, the nanomaterials has four major effects, namely, small-scale effect, quantum effect (including macro quantum tunneling effect), surface effect and interface effect, so they have the physical and chemical properties that traditional materials do not have, and show unique optical, electrical, magnetic, catalytic, chemical properties and superconducting properties Therefore, nanomaterials have important application value in national defense, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, aviation, ceramics, nuclear technology, catalyst, medicine and other fields.

Nano oxide

Nanometer magnesium oxide
Nanometer iron tetroxide
Nano tungsten oxide
Nanometer iron oxide
Nanometer manganese dioxide
Nano tin dioxide
Nano copper oxide
Nano tin oxide antimony ATO
Nano ITO
Nano yttrium oxide
Nano ceria
Nano lanthanum oxide
Nano nickel oxide
Nano cobalt tetroxide
Nano chromium oxide
Nano bismuth oxide
Nano hafnium oxide
Nano dysprosium oxide
Nano neodymium oxide
Nano gadolinium oxide
Nano indium oxide
Nano antimony oxide

Nano metal

Nano silver powder
Nano iron powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano copper powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano nickel powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano titanium powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano cobalt powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano tin powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano chromium powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano platinum 50nm 99.9%
Nano gold 50nm 99.9%
Nano bismuth powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano molybdenum powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano tungsten powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano tantalum powder 50nm 99.9%
Nano stainless steel
Nano nitinol powder
Nano nickel iron cobalt
Nano iron nickel
Nano alloy powder
Nano iridium black
Nano rhodium

Nano carbide

Nano silicon carbide
Nano titanium carbide
Nano tungsten carbide
Nano zirconium carbide
Nano silicon carbide whisker
Nano chromium carbide
Nano molybdenum carbide
Titanium aluminum carbide
Titanium silicon carbide
Vanadium carbide
Hafnium carbide
Nano tantalum carbide
Nano boron carbide
Nano cobalt tungsten carbide


Nano barium titanate
Nano calcium carbonate
Nano barium sulfate
Nanometer zirconium diboride
Nano titanium diboride
Nanometer strontium carbonate
Nanometer strontium titanate
Nano Barium ferrite
Nanometer strontium ferrite
Nano lanthanum fluoride
Nano manganese ferrite
Nanometer zinc manganese ferrite
Nano molybdenum sulfide
Nano tungsten sulfide

Nano nitride

Nano boron nitride
Nano titanium nitride
Nano silicon nitride
Nano aluminum nitride
Nano Lamellar
Nano boron nitride
Nano Zirconium nitride
Nano Vanadium nitride

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