High purity graphite

It is made by the reaction of flake graphite with various acids. Acid can remove impurities from flake graphite and increase the purity to 99-99.98%, has advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, heat shock resistance, self lubrication, small resistivity, etc.

Application: widely used in advanced refractories and coatings of metallurgical industry, stabilizer of initiating explosive materials of military industry, carbon brush of electrical industry, electrode of battery industry, catalyst additive of chemical fertilizer industry, etc.

Micro powder graphite

It is a kind of natural flake graphite, which is mainly processed by crushing, grinding, particle size classification and selection. We use air flow mill, Raymond mill, ball mill and other advanced grinding equipment to produce micro powder graphite with specific physical properties, and optimize it according to the special needs of each application.

Application: used for High temperature resistant lubricant base material, corrosion resistant lubricant base material, powder metallurgy release agent and metal alloy raw materials, for making carbon film resistance, conducting dry mold and preparing conducting liquid, fillers or performance improver for rubber, plastics and various composite materials to improve wear resistance, compression resistance or conductivity.

Expandable graphite

It is an artificially synthesized embedded compound that can be instantly inflated or exfoliated upon heating. once heated, its volume increases up to 400 times, the loose density decreases, and the specific surface area increases about 10 times, which can be pressed into highly adhesive flexible graphite plates. another major application is used as a flame retardant. Because of the high temperature, the graphite expands and the expansion layer is formed on the surface of the material. This can delay the spread of the fire and minimize the toxic gas and smoke produced during combustion and reduce the harmful effects.

Application: used for PU foam and pitch, easy wearing instruments, EPS foam, XPS foam, sealing strip, graphite plate, coil, gasket, anti oxidation liquid metal, fireproof textile, fire retardant coating, used as flame retardant additive in PE, PP and HIPS.

Spherical graphite

It is made by refining, spheroidizing and purifying of the flake graphite. has good electrical conductivity, high crystallinity, high lithium-embedded capacity, chemical stability, charge and discharge potential is low and flat, it is currently important part of negative pole material of lithium ion batteries.

Application: used for negative pole material of lithium ion batteries.

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