Graphene superfine powder

structure: single layer, with purity 99%
specific surface area > 850m2/g
electrical conductivity: 300S/cm
thickness < 1nm
lateral size: 0.5-2μm
Application: field effect transistor(FET), transparency electrode, electron acceptor, light absorber, solar cells, electrochemical storage, etc.

Graphene oxide superfine powder

structure: single layer
purity: 99%
thickness < 1nm
lateral size: 3-5um
appearance: yellow brown powder
Application: detecting biomolecules, drug carriers photocatalytic decomposition of pollutants, etc.

Graphene granular

diameter: 3-5mm
carbon content > 99.5%
moisture < 0.5%
bulk density: 0.25g/cm3
briquetting thermal conductivity: 800w/m.k
electrical conductivity: 20000S/m
Application: add in production of plastic; resin; rubber; evidently increase electrical conductive and thermal conductive, enhance abrasive resistance and shock resistance. compare with powder material, it won't cause the dust pollution problem.

Graphene nanoplatelets (I)

structure: few layers
thickness < 3nm
bulk density: 0.13g/cm3
electrical conductivity: 11000s/m
Application: 1) used for Lithium-ion battery, to improving electrical conduction.
2) used for printed circuit ink.
3) used for making plastic / rubber composite, anti-corrosion / fire-retardant coating, heat dissipation coating / sheet.

Graphene nanoplatelets (II)

structure: multi-layers ; thickness < 15nm
bulk density: 0.2g/cm3 ; electrical conductivity: 9000s/m
thermal conductivity: 2200w/m.k
Application: 1) used for making PVC-graphene composites, whose aging time and impact strength are greatly increased, and the tensile strength, elastic modulus are also enhanced. 2) used for high performance autocar/machinery lubricating oil, increase abrasive resistance, high pressure resistance and thermostability. 3) used for anti-static electricity, electromagnetic screen.

Graphene fluoride

purity > 99% ; fluorine content: 55% ; particle size(D50) < 15μm
specific capacity ≥ 800mAh/g ; voltage plateau > 2.5V
Feature: it is a innovative derivatives of graphene, with many excellent properties, especially in high-performance lithium batteries. high energy density, electric discharge stability, low surface energy, high hydrophobicity, high chemical stability, superior lubricity, wide band gap.
Application: used as cathode materials in high-performance Lithium battery, used for lubricant and corrosion-resistant painting, there is prespect of using for nano electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, thermoelectric devices, nuclear reactor moderator.

Activated carbon graphene-modified

specific surface area > 2000 m2/g
average particle size: 7-9μm
oxygen content < 2%
moisture content < 2%
metal content < 300ppm
specific capacitance: 21F/cc
Application: used for supercapacitor's positive electrode and negative electrode
Feature: specific capacitance is high, internal electric resistance is small, cycle life is long.

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