Graphene nylon composite yarn

standard: 70D-1000D (D=denier), 1000 grams/spindle
ultraviolet protection factor(UPF): 75 (much higher than international standard of 40)
far infrared radiated ratio: 0.95 (is higher than 0.88 index of common fabric)
Application: widely used for spin and weave cloth, fabric and textile
Feature: anti-ultraviolet, far infrared radiation, antistatic, good toughness anti-flaming and anti-dripping, mechanical properties and heat resistance is improved significantly, dry heat shrinkage rate is small and size is stable, has antibacterial and anti mite effect, it is considered as next generation of "almighty king" silk.

Graphene thermal-dissipation shim

content: silica gel, graphene, ceramic
density: 3.3g/cm3 ; hardness: 55 ; grade of flame resistance: V0
range of working temperature: -40~180 °C
permittivity: 7.2 MHz ; electrical resistivity: 1012 Ω.cm
thermal conduction: 8 w/m.k ; breakdown voltage > 6.0 KV/mm
size: 200*400*1mm (thickness can be customized for specific needs)
Application: used for filling the large gap between electronic components and radiators in various electronic products

Graphene polylactide composite filament

graphene content: 0.0001%, 0.01%, 0.5%
wire diameter: 1.75mm±0.03mm / 3.00mm±0.03mm
printing thickness: 0.05mm~0.4mm
optimum printing temperature: 190~220 centigrade
bottom temperature: no heating
feeding speed: 30~60mm/s ; Idling speed: 30~60mm/s
standard: 500 grams/spool
Application: 3D printing
Feature: excellent mechanical properties, strength and toughness are improved a lot, stiffness is increased Shrinkage is low, printing dimensional stability, printing temperature at 190~220 degrees centigrade which is lower than other materials. Good lubricating property, easy out of silk, no plug. Universal printing material which are applicable to mainstream FDM 3D printers on the market.

Graphene electroconductive adhesive

component: silver powder, graphene, resin.
graphene content: 3% ; Viscosity: 13000
thixotropic index: 4.5 ; particle size < 10 μm
density: 3.8 g/cm3 ; shelf life, (-5℃): 6 month
solidify condition, (150℃): 60 min ; shear strength, (25℃): 21 Kg/die
electrical resistivity: 0.0002 Ω*cm
thermal conductivity, (120℃): 9.5 W/mK ; thermal expansivity: 55 ppm/℃
glass state temperature: 110 ℃
temperature of thermal decompositio >300 ℃ ; appearance: silvery paste
Application: used for FPC industry(Flexible Printed Circuit), good adhesion to PET, PI.
Feature: Low electrical resistivity, stable quality good bending resistance, anti-oxidation, good thixotropy resistance to heat and humidity, comply with RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances, low volatility, long service cycle.

Graphene electromagnetic shielding foam

prepared with CVD method
size: 150 x 150mm, 200 x 300mm
primary: 95% graphene
auxiliary: 5% PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane)
density: 0.085g/cm3
electromagnetic shielding value: 25dB (8-12GHz)
appearance: black; sponge; flexible, can be folded arbitrary
Application: electromagnetic shielding
Use method: wrap electromagnetic radiation object

Graphene Pressure Transducer (equipped with electric wire, terminal)

working voltage: 3-5V, hysteresis < 5%, drift < 6%,
working temperature: -50 - +50℃
response time < 10ms
pressure range: 0-50kgs (optional interval 0-5kg, 6-20kg, 21-50kg)
size: transducer outside diameter-46mm / perception area diameter-40mm
length is 80mm, thickness is 0.24mm
Features: since graphene has a strong surface chemical activity and is suitable to be used as a sensor material, it's detection sensitivity is significantly higher than existing materials. It is ultra thin, ultra flexibility, ultrahigh sensibility, induction area large
Application: sports field-foot pressure test, step counting and other functions health field-measuring blood pressure of human body, internal tissue pressure, cushion sensor, off-bed monitoring sensor, product design and evaluation-interface pressure testing and evaluation safety monitoring, industrial detection, innovative design and scientific research experiments.
Usage: ensure voltage stability, propose maximum electric current is 2.5mA

Graphene thermal dissipation gel

components: silica resin, graphene, ceramic
minimum interface thickness: 0.1mm ; thermal conductivity: 6w/m.K
density: 3.3g/cm 3 ; specific heat capacity: (J/g. K) 1.1
extrusion rate: 15g/min ; volatility < 0.01% ; temperature resistance range(C): - 50~200
dielectric strength > 5.0 Kv/mm ; volume resistivity: 1013 Ω.cm
Use method: by hand or dispensing machine
Features: it is a silicone resin based soft thermal conductive gap filling material. which is filled between electronic components that need to be cooled and radiator to make them close contact, quickly and effectively reduce the temperature of the electronic components, so as to prolonging the service life of the electronic components and improve their reliability. The gel with high thermal conductivity, low interfacial thermal resistance, good thixoplasticity, excellent wettability and softness, no stress, no settlement, no flow, can be compressed to the thinnest 0.1mm, can fill any uneven gap.
Application: used for filling the small gap between electronic components and radiators in various electronic products

ABS Graphene-modified

graphene content: 15%
oxygen index > 24.8%
tensile strength > 40.84MPa
modulus of elasticity > 1360MPa
drying temperature: bake for 2 hours at 90℃
injection temperature: 210℃-220℃
hardness is higher, heat resistance is better
corrosion resistance enhanced, fire resistance enhanced
Application: widely used for auto dashboard, body outer panel, interior decorative board, sound insulation board, door locks, bumper, ventilation pipe, air conditioning, computer, ABS pipe, ABS sanitary ware, ABS decorative plate, etc.

PP(Polypropylene) Graphene-modified

graphene content: 15%
melt flow rate: ~4.5 g/10min
notched Impact Strength >126 J/m
drying temperature: bake for 2 hours at 100℃
injection temperature: 210℃-220℃
toughness is better
rigidity is higher
processability is better
impact resistance increased
Application: widely used in industry areas, such as auto parts, dashboard, steering wheel, handle, container, storage battery shell.

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