Graphene aqueous solution

concentration: 2mg/ml (can be custom-made to suit user requirements)
appearance: black liquid
Application: used for characteristic study

Graphene oxide aqueous solution

concentration: 2mg/ml (can be custom-made to suit user requirements)
appearance: yellow liquid
Application: used for characteristic study

Graphene quantum dot solution

concentration: 1mg/ml
solvent: water
application: used for drug carrier, biological tag, medical imaging,
OLED displayer, solar cell.
Feature: graphene quantum dot is a zero dimension material quantum confinement effect is prominent, cytotoxicity is very low, good biocompatibility and water solution stability

Graphene conductive ink

graphene contect: 18 wt%
sheet resistance < 50 ohm/squ
viscosity: 80+/-10 Pa.s
Application: used for screen printing, printed circuit board, flexible electronic devices, radio frequency identification(RFID) Feature: adheres well to the substrate, good printability and lubricating property, high electrical conductivity.

Graphene anticorrosion painting(chromium-free)

disperse medium: water
solid content: 2.5% ; viscosity: 500 mPa·s
density: 1.05g/ml ; PH value: 8 ; impurity ion < 100ppm
Application: applies to heavy corosion protection area: ship, ocean engineering, aircraft, modern transportation and facilities, beside, can party replace electroplating, hot dip.

Feature: has many advantages over conventional painting, such as stronger adhesive force, better weatherability, improving the resistance to water and impact and abrasion.

use method:
shake up before using
substrate surface: no oil, no stitch, no dust, no foreign body, cleanliness up to Sa2.5(American standard SSPC - SP6)
with brush coating, spray, dip coating, ordinary temperature drying. 

Graphene electromagnetic shielding painting

Shielding effect value
Radiation frequency(MHz) Shielding effectiveness(dB)
0.1 92.5
1 65.8
10 54.9
30 45.2
50 37.5
100 34.9
300 28.9
500 29.1
1000 26.8

Application: used for painting of various industrial and civil buildings, makes the buildings into electromagnetic enclosed structures, which absorb and transform the internal electromagnetic sources and prevent the external electromagnetic waves from entering the building, so as to restrain the electromagnetic wave leakage and interference and reduce the electromagnetic wave radiation hazards.
Apply to: 1) civil housing, office buildings, hotels and other buildings. 2) hospitals, telecommunication facilities, substations, computer rooms, pharmaceutical factories, petrochemical industry
Features: excellent anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, excellent long time anti electromagnetic radiation effect.
Use method: paint with brushing, roller coating, spraying
diluent: clear water
painting times: primer with two times, puttying and after bone dry, finish painting with two times. painting rate: primer with 8.2㎡/kg (thickness of dry film: 30μm), finish painting with 8.7㎡/kg (thickness of dry film: 30μm)

Graphene heat dissipation painting

graphene content: wt20%
dispersant: 30% ; water: 50% ; viscosity: 6000 mPa.s
Application: widely used for equipment needed heat dissipation, such as LED equipment, lamp holder, CPU, heat distribution pipeline.
Features: high adhesive force, resistance to high impact strength has stable physical and chemical properties, good workability significantly increase heat abstracto's contact area with outside environment, achieve rapid, uniform heat dissipation.

Graphene conductive paste

It is composed mainly of high quality graphene
graphene thickness: 2-4 nm
graphene lateral size: 5-15 μm
electrical conductivity > 800 s/cm
PH value: 6-7 , ash < 0.1% , metal ion < 10 ppm , magnetic precipitates < 10 ppm
Application: used for preparing conductive agent for cathode and anode of batteries, like lithium battery; alkaline battery; zinc-manganese battery; lead-acid battery; ultracapacitor.
Feature: reduce battery internal resistance, raise discharge capability, extend service life.

Aluminium foil graphene-coated

electrical resistivity: 4.5x10-6Ω.cm
thickness of foil: 16μm,
per roll: 0.5m width x 2000m length
Application: used as lithium ion battery positive electrode's electron-collector, resistance is significantly lower than the traditional material.

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